Here are some common questions about Hologruf.


How to connect with the Hologruf device via WiFi?

Follow the following steps to connect to the Hologruf device via WiFi:

  1. Power on the device, and wait for a few minutes, you should be able to see the device shows up from the Wi-Fi list, something like Hologruf-XXXXX or MYPOV-XXXXX (XXXXX is the last digits of the WiFi ID, representing the device’s Serial Number (SN)).
  2. On the side the base or wall mount part, you should be able to find the SN and corresponding KEY. Use this KEY as the Wi-Fi password. Now you should be able to connect to the Hologruf device from mobile phone or PC.
How to pair a remote?

The remote control should have been paired successfully before we shipped out the product. So use this remote to turn on/off the device. However, in case the remote control appears not working, you might have to manually pair the remote in the following way:

  1. Before the pairing, check to verify that the indicator light at the back of the base is in solid RED. (If not, press and hold the button till it turns into a solid RED)
  2. Press the button, and you will see the indicator turns to a flashing BLUE.
  3. Press and hold the 100% button on the remote till the indicator turns to a solid RED. Now the pairing is completed.


What the button on the base is for?

The button on the base is used for configuring the Hologruf device in various case scenarios:

  1. Remote pairing
  2. Configure the device in Host or Slave mode
What happen if the indicator is in dim green?

If you observe the indicator light on the base is in dim Green, you need to go through the following steps to configure the device to the normal working condition:

  1. Press and hold the button till the indicator turns into solid Red.
  2. Operate the device normally when the indicator is in solid Red (in Host mode).
How to configure the Host or Slave mode?

To configure the Hologruf device working in the Host mode: By default, the Hologruf device is working in the Host mode. You can confirm this Host mode status by checking if the indicator light is in solid Red. If the indicator is not in solid Red, press and hold the button till it turns into a solid Red.

To configure the Hologruf device working in the Slave mode: Press and hold the button on the base till the indicator turns off.

What's the max number of units to be used when use multiple devices to make a big screen?

Theoretically there is no up limit of how many multiple units can be used when to build up a big screen.

Can I use HDMI or Ethernet cable to connect to the Hologruf device?

Nope. The current available models do not support any format of hard wiring connection, e.g. HDMI or ethernet cable. Only Wi-Fi connection used for the device control and content management is supported.


How to upload content to the Hologruf device?

The content needs to be uploaded to the Hologruf device via a Wifi connection. Follow these steps to upload the content:

  1. Power on the Hologruf device and search for the device, something like Hologruf-xxxxx (xxxxx is normally the device’s serial number), on the Wifi device list when use mobile phone or PC.
  2. Click on the device and type in the password that Hologruf provides to you. And you will be able to connect to the Hologruf device via Wifi.
  3. Open the Hologruf mobile app or PC application. Now you should be able to see the content play list on the device and you can upload new content to the device from the mobile app or PC application.


What kinds of content format would be allowed for use?

A various of content formats are supported by Hologruf device, such as jpg, gif, mp4, avi, rmvb, and mpeg. We highly recommend the MP4 content format for video clips.

Can I upload new contents when the Hologruf is up running?

Yes, you can upload the content at any time when the Hologruf device is powered on, or in operation.

Any software is recommended for creating a 3D hologram content?

We recommend using Adobe After Effect and Cinema 4D modeling software to create professional level 3D hologram content used by Hologruf devices.

Can Hologruf design 3D hologram contents for me?

Yes. Hologruf has in-house capability and skill sets to provide our customers the professional-level 3D hologram contents. To engage Hologruf creative design team, please send email to creativedesign@hologruf.com. Our creative designer will respond within 1 business day.


Can I buy Hologruf product online?

The simple answer is Nope. Hologruf.com does not sell the product online. Instead, you have to buy from authorized Hologruf resellers or distributors in your country. Send email to sales@hologruf.com and we will redirect you to the local resellers or distributors.

What's the lead time of receiving the product upon submitting the order?

The lead time of receiving the product will depend on the in-stock condition on Hologruf, or Hologruf authorized distributors. Normally you will receive the product within 7-8 business days. In case of out-stock condition, Hologruf and his distributors will provide you an estimate of delivery when you order.

Where are the Hologruf products shipped from?
  • For North and South America region,  all the products are shipped directly from Hologruf warehouse in Cary, North Carolina, USA.
  • For EMEA and Asian regions, all the products are shipped directly from Hologruf’s factory in China.
  • Our supply chain management team works closely with our global clients who might prefer shipping from different geological location, for instance, shipping to europe from USA. We can make it happen upon request on a case-by-case basis.


How long time the warranty covers?

Hologruf provides 1 year product warranty. Our authorized distributors might be able to sell extended warranty for 2 and/or 3 years.

How the warranty process works?

Hologruf works closely with our local and global authorized distributors and dealers, and we together commit a high-quality post-sales services to support our clients around the world. If anything goes wrong with the product due to any product quality issue under the warranty coverage, we will repair the device free of charge, and/or arrange the replacement in a timely manner through Hologruf’s Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process. If you have any questions regarding the RMA process, please send email to RMA@hologruf.com, and we will help you out.


What status of Hologruf's intellectual property?

Hologruf, Inc. works hard with our global strategic partners to protect our intellectual properties, including the trademarks and patents, in global scale. Hologruf filed patent application with U.S. Department of Commerce’s United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in 2017, and also filed global patent protection through The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in late 2017.

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